Castings & Impressions

To capture a print for a raised impression or take a mould for a 3D cast a one to one appointment is required. Appointments last approximately 45 minutes where the print / mould is taken and your design finish and framing options can be discussed.

We are based on the border of Bury / Bolton and are happy to arrange a suitable appointment for you to visit us or alternatively can offer a home service in Bury / Bolton and surrounding areas.


Capture those hand prints, feet prints or even paw prints with a raised impression.

For impressions we use soft clay to capture the print, we then create the raised impression using fine plaster which is left to dry and then sanded and finished to your taste. Our most popular colours are gold, silver and bronze which can also be used to create an antique effect. Chalk effects are also available. The impression can then be left unframed with the option of adding a plate stand or a pretty ribbon or there are several framing options. Name plaques can also be added if required.

Prices are dependent upon finish but please see below for approximate prices:-

Unframed impression from £55

Framed impressions from £75

Framed impression with space in frame for a photo £95

3D castings

Create a 3D casting as a life sized keepsake of someone special whether it be a baby’s tiny fingers and toes to a couple or family members holding hands. Castings capture so much detail from dimples and wrinkles in the skin to tiny fingernails.

To create the casting mould alginate and water are mixed to form a solution. The hand / foot is then placed in the solution which sets after just a couple of minutes. The alginate is 100% safe for babies and is used by dentists. After the appointment the mould is filled with fine plaster and left to set. Once set the alginate is peeled away to reveal the casting which is left for several weeks to dry before being sanded and painted then finished to your choice. Castings can be left free standing, added to a plinth, displayed in a pretty box or framed.

Prices are dependent upon finish but please see below for approximate prices for castings:-

A hand or foot £40

Pair of hands / feet or a hand and foot £80

Pair of hands / feet or hand and foot on heart slate £95

Pair of hand / feet or hand and foot framed £110

Pair of hand / feet or hand and foot framed with space in frame for a photo £120

Holding hands cast £100

Our raised impression and casting range options are endless. Please browse our photos for ideas.
Please note due to the time involved for the impressions / castings to dry the lead time for completion is 4 – 6 weeks.

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